Welcome. I'm Ray Yamamoto and I don't know how to pick a non-boring font.

My street photography is raw me.

I try to tell the simplest stories possible.

My first street photo book HOME AND AWAY is a meditation on how I feel in my 2 homes, Japan and America. Japan is my true home, yet when I visit I often feel like a foreigner, a visitor, a tourist. I've lived most of my life in the US and could call it home, yet I'm not a citizen, I don't claim this land, I always feel alienated. 

I am Home and Away in both spaces. Sad but also comforting, depending on how you look at it.

My portrait work is collaborative, a work in progress.

DM my instagram or email me at ry690@nyu.edu

"all they do is rhyme words, such typical rappers" - lil b​



soon come

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